To finish off the semester in the course Design Research Theory & Process, my class and I were challenged to test one of the theories presented by Jeff Johnson in his book Designing with the Mind in Mind. I tested the theory that our peripheral vision is poor.

The Theory

The science…

It’s important to do research before designing any project and an important component of that research is defining the audience. Knowing who you are designing for, what their motivations are, and what their life is like will help you create a product that will fit their needs.

To kick off…

Testing the prototype I created for Rooney’s Books was a big learning experience. I hadn’t created an interactive product like this before and had it tested by multiple people. I was excited when users knew exactly what to do with the different buttons and interactions and made sure to note…

Grace DeWald

Graphic designer based in the Midwest. I have a particular love for branding and package design, but I enjoy applying my skills to all kinds of projects.

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